I did an overview this evening of Oracle JET, at Oracle partner Transfer Solutions in Leerdam, the Netherlands. Staff from Transfer Solutions attended, as well as developers and consultants from several other organizations.

I did several demos, all using NetBeans IDE 8.1, while showing off all the cool NetBeans features for Require, Knockout, and JET, as well as the NetBeans Connector plugin for Chrome. My approach, I’ve done this kind of overview a few times now, is to first demonstrate Require, then demonstrate Knockout, then demonstrate responsive JavaScript… and only then demonstrate JET itself. In this way, the key pieces are introduced, enabling the point to be made that JET is a very thin layer of JavaScript components, and a few other handy techniques and solutions, on top of a set of well established open source libraries. I also spent a lot of time going through all of the many resources, examples, cookbook snippets, etc etc etc, offered by the Oracle JET website.

Speaking to attendees during and after the session—who had never seen Oracle JET in action before—what’s especially appreciated about Oracle JET is that it is based on existing solutions, rather than re-inventing the wheel, as well as the nice architecture/structure that Oracle JET gives you out of the box. A true enterprise solution in the JavaScript jungle.

Here’s the slides:


And… good news. Transfer Solutions is offering a course on Oracle JET. The first course offered on Oracle JET, in the world, I believe:

(I blocked out the discount code above, since it’s only for those who attended the session!)

It was a good evening, hoping to be there again soon, as well as anywhere else where there’s interest in this new JavaScript toolkit.

Read more: Geertjan’s Blog


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