Transfer Solutions Boosts Customer Database Performance with Engineered Systems
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Transfer Solutions Boosts Application and Database Performance and Security through Rapid Customer Implementation of Oracle Technology

Transfer Solutions, founded in 1994 by former Oracle employees in the Netherlands, is an Oracle Gold Partner. The company helps clients achieve business goals by building and managing custom applications, hosting them 24/7, and providing training. Transfer Solutions has more than 200 customers in all industries with a focus on public sector and logistics, as well as geo-based and maritime sectors.

Transfer Solutions’ experienced database administrators (DBAs) help companies running Oracle Database Standard Edition to migrate from heterogeneous platforms to the Oracle Database Appliance as a single high availability platform. It collaborates with Dbvisit Standby, whose disaster recovery solution for Oracle Standard Edition is used by 1,300 customers in 110 countries.


  • Replace outdated servers, networks, and storage for a Dutch valve manufacturer with a simple, high performance, compliant, cost-effective database platform and disaster recovery solution
  • Optimize Oracle Database Standard Edition licenses for improved performance including a reliable disaster recovery solution for the customer’s engineering and manufacturing operations that furnishes the same security and reliability traditionally reserved for enterprise-grade platform
  • Solve license related compliancy resulting from multiple vendors for servers, operating systems, storage, middleware, and databases
  • Boost efficiency and performance in valve manufacturing using a turn-key solution-in-a-box including migration of current databases and future-proofing of database infrastructure


  • Shortened time to market and increased competitiveness for a medium-sized Dutch valve manufacturer by implementing Oracle Database Appliance X6-2 Small on-premises, providing enhanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) performance, higher availability, and instant failover between data centers
  • Installed and configured two Oracle Database Appliances in just one day, migrating eight Oracle Databasestotaling 300 GB from HP servers, upgrading to Oracle Database 12c SE2, discarding VMware middleware, and obtaining immediate end user feedback for higher performance
  • Lowered the annual cost of managing databases for manufacturing operations by consolidating outdated hardware onto a single Oracle Database Appliance, saving an estimated 60% per year on infrastructure maintenance, floor space, and energy consumption costs and using existing Oracle Database Standard Edition licenses for one of the appliances
  • Simplified the valve manufacturer’s IT infrastructure by providing fast deployment of the Oracle Database Appliance high availability environment capable of supporting large database and application workloads with capacity-on-demand licensing
  • Managed the database layer and the Oracle Database Appliance remotely as if it were a cloud, enabling the customer to concentrate on developing high quality industrial valves for international expansion
  • Reduced new database delivery time from three days to two hours, avoiding the need to discuss additional licenses, servers, or operating system requirements, solving compliancy issues due to the all-in-one package of Oracle Database Appliance, and boosting the valve manufacturer’s agility
  • Increased customer peace-of-mind at the specialized engineering company by augmenting Oracle Database Appliance with Dbvisit Standby disaster recovery solution, resulting in a package including high performance hardware for on-premise production environments, and an embedded cost-effective, reliable failover solution that reduces the risk of business disruption and ensures business continuity
  • Deployed a separate Oracle Database Appliance within Transfer Solutions for DBA training, customer training, and for testing bundle patches before installation on the client’s production system, thus minimizing risk
  • Eliminated licensing compliancy issues engendered by multiple vendors—reducing complexity by consolidating hardware, middleware, and databases onto the integrated and optimized software, server, networking, and storage platform of Oracle Database Appliance
  • Enabled potential customers to experience Oracle Database Appliance live by installing a demo appliance at Transfer Solutions so that customers can bring their own databases for testing, conduct performance metrics, and evaluate the company’s managed services offering

90% of our business is related to Oracle and we jointly market Oracle Cloud solutions. For clients not ready for Oracle Cloud, we find that Oracle Database Appliance provides the simplest, most powerful solution for migrating from costly multivendor solutions with maximum return on investment, and is a stepping stone into the Cloud.

Herman Slange, Architect & Pre-sales, Transfer Solutions BV


“We installed and configured two Oracle Database Appliances at the valve manufacturer very smoothly in one day using pre-built templates and embedded software from Dbvisit Standby for disaster recovery, which we use regularly for customers with Oracle Standard Edition. End-users immediately saw increased performance.” – Herman Slange, Architect & Pre-sales, Transfer Solutions BV



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